Oakura is about 220km from the Auckland bridge. The turnoff from state highway one to Russel has some very tight turns and your speed should be appropriate. There is often livestock around especially on the unsealed Rawhiti road.

Accommodation is public and needs to be pre-arranged, it is often well booked in good weather. Oakura is one of the best fishing spots around. Many species of large size have been caught here. Snapper, kingfish, trevally, kahawai, blue cod, skippies and many others are available. Leatherjackets abound so Z man, hard body lures and lots of soft bait should be at hand.

Good fishing is available between Cape Home and Danger Rock (this is a mega paddle) In the harbour mouth and around the island or along the North Eastern face of the peninsula is great. Out deep around the 20-50m marks are also good. If you venture further it is best not to do so alone and also to make sure you are equipped and fit enough.

Usually, there are a few boaties around for added safety. A VHF radio and company is always a good idea in this area. It is always best to stay within yelling or whistle distance of someone else and to keep in touch with others. This is true blue water fishing and it can be a great joy, but also extreme care must be taken as everything here is upsized, swells, boats, distances and fish (which can sink you or pull you in ;-)


It can often be windy and although there is almost always somewhere sheltered to fish, save your strength and take care.

Wind vs tides causes a washing machine effect where unpredictable waves are forced up around the shallow reefs, there are a few shallow and rocky outcrops around to be aware of.

The harbour mouth can produce big swells under the right conditions. Large dolphins and Orca abound in the area. Sharks are ever-present.